Continuing education grants are available to assist teachers in their professional development. While these funds are intended to serve an individual teacher in their professional growth and development, it will be expected that the membership will benefit from the expertise and experience gained in this endeavor. Sharing could take the form of a 15- minute presentation at a MAME event/meeting, a video or extended essay published in Nuances, or another creative format or activity. Funds are designated for non-MAME activities such as pedagogy conventions, workshops, or lessons. Funds are normally disbursed after the event is completed and specific requirements fulfilled. In all cases, advanced planning and communication is best.

If a member is interested in a Continuing Education Grant, know that available funds are limited and can range from $50 to $250 depending upon the scope and level of need, as well as whether or not the member has accessed CEG funds in the past. One MAME member interested in attending the 2022 WMTA State Conference in Superior, WI may be eligible for a larger stipend.

Submit a plan in as much detail as possible via email to Shad Wenzlaff, including: anticipated expenses as well as the amount requested for this grant, any other grants or sources that you will be accessing to support the endeavor, the weblink for the event/workshop (if relevant), a short (75-150 word) summary explaining the nature/content of the opportunity as well as the benefits you will receive. If possible, consider what benefits you could offer the MAME community and share those at the time of requesting the grant money.

Interim Chair: Shad Wenzlaff