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Many of you know that this will be my second run as president of our organization. From 2007-09 I served as President for MAPTA (Madison Area Piano Teachers Assoc. Inc.). MAPTA evolved to become MAME, and we are now a proud affiliate of WMTA. As my transition unfolded this past spring, I identified dozens of resources that this affiliation offers its local chapters and members. I encourage us all to take note of the WMTA website which lists these many resources; please consult it as you prepare your studio for the coming year: I’m grateful that we are able to identify more inclusively to welcome teachers, patrons and sponsors of all instruments and music education related interests.

It is my privilege to share a few additional notes in this year’s directory. I am excited to envision a MAME that indeed champions excellence in music education, and that we do so with a commitment to inclusion. Your presence in MAME is vital to a thriving community. Perhaps you’d like to help out with an event, “see how it’s done” and shadow or learn from a current event chairperson—I encourage us each to find a way to get involved. If you’d like to write a monthly “Exploring Music Resources” column—send it my way and we’ll share it via Nuances, our monthly newsletter! I invite your input and willingness to share your time—that engagement is just an email or phone call away.

Note #2: It is important to me that we prioritize creating an environment where diversity and equity are championed. Toward that goal, I reached out to a friend and colleague this summer to talk candidly about race and equity in music education. Dr. Beatriz Aguilar and I were colleagues at Edgewood College where we partnered on several projects—some of which engaged the EC Cutting Edge program for young adults with cognitive and other disabilities. She currently serves as Professor of Music and is active in the Madison community as an advocate for Latina youth. You too will get a chance to meet her through our MAME program in Spring 2022. But we don’t need to wait until April to talk about and act upon our interests to be more inclusive. I will launch a “reading club” this year (over lunch of course!)—look for that information in the September Nuances.

Finally, a few words about the pandemic: Because so much of our planning happens during the summer, we may need to be bold and act quickly with regard to any unexpected CDC or other health-related recommendations. Indeed, many of our students are under the age of 12 and therefore (currently as of 8/1/21) ineligible to receive a COVID vaccination. The MAME board will monitor developments carefully. It is uncertain how the ‘delta variant’ of the coronavirus, for instance, may affect public health and the well-being of participants at MAME sponsored events. Please know three things about MAME and the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. MAME is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for its members, guests, and students.
2. MAME will not ask any participant of a MAME sponsored event, nor its membership under any circumstance, to “prove” or “identify” vaccination status.
3. The MAME board will consider each sponsored event as unique, and enforce appropriate measures regarding COVID safety. All of this will be communicated through our e-newsletter, Nuances.

I share all of this acknowledging that, in the words of our immediate past president Dr. Denise Pilmer Taylor, “there is absolutely no substitution for the camaraderie we experience when we share ideas together.” Here’s to a thriving culture of music events in Madison this year!

Shad Ryan Wenzlaff, President – MAME

Madison Area Music Educators
PO Box 44152
Madison, WI 53744

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