Participating in the WMTA District Auditions is one of your primary benefits of MAME membership. These auditions, sponsored by the Wisconsin Music Teachers Association and supported by MAME, are held in March of each year, and are designed to encourage music students at all ages and levels. Many of the participants are piano students, but string, voice, and even organ students participate. WMTA allows ensembles of up to ten instruments/voice/piano. Students can choose memorized or non-memorized at any age and level. The most ambitious students choose the State track, which involves three memorized pieces, a minimum theory test level, which progresses to WMTA Regional (Madison students must participate in the South Region). The Regional first place winners in grades 7-12 move on to the WMTA State Keyboard Competition.

Though the deadline to sign up takes place in February, we urge you to start preparing in the fall. There are many possible entry categories that include playing memorized or non-memorized music (at all levels) and playing either two or three pieces. Students must prepare pieces of contrasting styles and perform for a judge without an audience. All participants take a level-appropriate theory exam which will be administered at the auditions. More details about auditions can be found on the WMTA website. All new teachers are especially encouraged to consult the website, or email the WMTA District co-chairs John Scoville or Denise Taylor.

Important dates for WMTA District Auditions:
-February 23, 2024: Deadline to sign students up and pay the fee
-March 23, 2024: WMTA District Auditions at UW-Madison School of Music
-May 12, 2024: WMTA Regional (South) competition at UW-Whitewater
-May 18, 2024: WMTA State Keyboard Competition at UW-Stevens Point

District Auditions Quick Start Guide

TO REGISTER: emailĀ to request the registration and fee summary form.

District Chairs: Denise Taylor and John Scoville