MAME invites advertising submitted by its members, sponsors, and members of the public. MAME has three options for making its membership aware of community music-related opportunities.


Nuances” Monthly Newsletter

(free of charge, space permitting at the Editor’s discretion; an article of no more than 150 words submitted by the 15th of the month to the Nuances Editor for consideration, email copy to

  • Free piano- and music education-themed events open to the public
  • Piano- and music education-themed fundraising events that may have a nominal cost associated and that are open to the public
  • Area music festivals and competitions for students that charge an audition or application fee

Website Bulletin Board Announcements

(free of charge, posted for 30 days on MAME’s website; contact:

  • Piano- and music education-themed events that charge an admission fee.
  • Used musical instruments for sale by private individuals and nonprofits.
  • Music-related job listings.

Paid Advertisements

($40 per targeted ad via email; the advertisement email will be sent to the membership upon receipt of payment; ad revenue benefits MAME programs; email ad copy and up to one photo to

  • Piano- and music education-themed events that charge an admission fee.
  • New and used musical instruments for sale.
  • Music-related job listings.

The bottom of the paid advertisement will contain the following verbiage:

 “This is a paid advertisement. Ad revenue benefits MAME programs. The ad information contained here is provided for informational purposes only. MAME makes no warranties, guarantees, or representations, of any kind, expressed or implied, as to the content, accuracy, completeness, reliability, or timelines of the information contained in the advertisements. MAME expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability for any errors, inaccuracies, or the untimeliness of any information provided by advertisers.”