The Membership Committee prepares and distributes membership forms and coordinates the development and publication of the Directory. It maintains current membership.

The MAME membership year begins July 1, and ends June 30. Active Music Teachers become MAME members through a two-step process. First, join MTNA/WMTA/MAME through this link:

Then fill out a local form (pdf) and send it in so that you can appear in the directory and on the online referral list if you choose that. Everyone else (musical instrument repair, tuners, stores, retired piano teachers and others) can support MAME with a one-step process as a Patron Member or Potential Sponsor through this form (pdf).

Members can access the membership directory online at our website. Changes or corrections to directory listings and new memberships received after the MAME Directory is printed will be published in Nuances and in the January addendum.

MAME Membership Dues

Paying dues by July 1 results in being included in the printed directory and includes all other membership benefits

Paying dues after July 1, although too late for the printed directory, does include all other membership benefits, including publication on the MAME website Referral List if desired. An addendum is published in January.

All members receive a PDF copy of the Membership Directory. A printed copy is available for a $5 fee. Requests for a printed copy will cost $5 and will be either a professional copy or a home-printed copy depending upon availability.

Chair: Debbie Yee

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