WE, THE MEMBERS OF THE MADISON AREA MUSIC EDUCATORS come together to realize the highest standards of education possible in the music teaching profession. Composed of independent music teachers, this professional association serves both its members and the public. We acknowledge three areas of responsibility: fair treatment of students, mutual respect and support among professional peers, promotion of our individual integrity and professional growth. With these in mind, the members of the Madison Area Music Educators endorse as a statement of our professional ethics the following:

I. Students are a precious resource, whose development is in our care. We demonstrate our responsibility to them by:

  • Giving a complete, honest and fair lesson to each student;
  • Providing each student with a clear understanding of what is to be expected of us and what we expect of him or her; and
  • Treating each student with the respect that he or she deserves as an individual, maintaining confidentiality in such matters that may be personal, and avoiding unkind comparisons between students.

II. Members demonstrate responsibility by:

  • Striving for non-competitive, ethical behavior that reflects positively upon the profession;
  • Avoiding discussion which might injure the professional reputation of another member;
  • Maintaining strictly ethical business standards and adhering to clearly stated policies which are published for the benefit of all;
  • Instructing a transfer student at least six months before taking credit for a public performance by the student.

III. Members demonstrate responsibility for their own professional development by:

  • Belonging to organizations that work to promote and upgrade the music profession;
  • Attending workshops, classes and concerts, taking music lessons, performing, and reading texts on music teaching and teaching-related psychology and practice; and
  • Supporting and participating in special projects of MAME that are designed to increase the knowledge and expertise of members and their students.
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