This policy statement is intended as a guide and a support for each teacher’s own business policy statement.

  1. MAME members maintain their studios in an ethical manner and on a strictly business basis. Each teacher has a written policy that is clearly stated and communicated to students and parents and is adhered to consistently.
  2. The number, type, and length of lessons given within the fee period is stated.
  3. Make up lessons are given at the discretion of the teacher.
  4. Additional fees for books and special events are explained.
  5. Billing procedures are clearly explained.
  6. Students who enroll are expected to complete a period designated by the teacher. A 30-day notice to the teacher is expected before discontinuing lessons. MAME recommends that the student’s family be responsible for tuition through this 30-day period.
  7. Performance opportunities are provided. Ample notification of dates, times, and expectations regarding participation is given.
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